Product Overview

Manheim Lead Management (formerly eGoodManners) is an all-encompassing end-to-end system that helps you to effectively manage and convert sales leads, as well as manage ongoing customer relationships and staff performance.

The system brings together key stages of the car buying cycle into one streamlined function, capturing all the fundamental customer information.With the visually simplified dashboard reports, understanding your key performance figures is made easy,saving you and your sales staff valuable time.

Built upon easy-to-use technology, our hierarchical structure allows for different roles to be assigned to different users:

  • Receptionist: logical on-screen sales log which allows for key customer information to be captured and allocated to sales staff for follow-up
  • Salesperson: interactive and intuitive diary-based system which allows for accurate customer data capture, effective deal building and follow-up appointment booking
  • Fleet: enhanced application to cater for fleet client profiling and segmentations
  • Manager: reporting and management layer which provides full visibility around sales staff and dealership performance
  • Zone/Region: reporting layer which allows users to view and collect information on dealer activity within a specific group or network

Activity Management

  • Customer follow-up
  • Task management
  • Call recording
  • Daily schedule
  • Data capture

Sales Optimisation

  • Deal builder
  • CAP configurator
  • Order forms
  • Customer quotes
  • Finance comparator


  • Dashboards
  • Sales activity
  • Staff performance
  • Lost sales analysis
  • KPI targets


  • Prospect lists
  • SMS messaging
  • Email distribution
  • Direct mail
  • Source of enquiry